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The Naked Truth
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The Butterfly Effect - It started on 911 -  Fiction Thriller
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Oyster Delight - Oyster cook book - Seafood
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Co-branded Books,
A Very Effective Marketing Tool

There are several ways in which a company can positively impact its business and strengthen customer relationships. One important and oft overlooked way is for them to find a non-fiction or even a fiction book relevant to their product offering. Then working with its author/publisher they make it their own by adding their brand and marketing message to it.

Why co-brand a book?

Anyone can have their logo printed on a T-shirt, pen, mug, or mouse mat, but a book is unique. It contains knowledge. Co-branding provides your corporate partner with an economical way of giving their customers a uniquely styled and very appropriate gift. Other terms used for this are custom publishing, content marketing, branded content, co-promotion, brand partnership, brand alliance, etc. 

Non-fiction, paperback books are perhaps among the most cost-effective and long lasting premium products a company can use to build their business. Books are generally kept for long periods of time. They carry a higher perceived value than many other less personal products. People rarely throw out a book – particularly if its content is relevant to them.

The custom published book is one of today’s most effective business strategies in reaching targeted groups of people with information relevant to their needs, interests, and lifestyles.  The strength of a book’s inherent permanence can maximize your partner’s marketing dollars with a message that endures.

All of our books are available for co-branding, which means that the entire cover design can be changed to match our partner’s corporate identity. Alternatively they may wish to add just their logo to the front cover or they may work out a deal where the entire contents allude to their product or service offering.

Examples of two of our co-branded titles

Oyster Delight by Jonathan Mite

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